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Our Equipment

Having the right tool for the job is vital to completing a project in an efficient and cost effective timeframe.  That is why at Specialized Cleaning &  Restoration Inc., we continuously invest in new equipment, staying up to date with industry technology.  

We are proud to say that we have onsite the largest amount of restoration equipment in the state of North Dakota!

We guarantee we will have the correct tool for you project. 

Plus Much More!  We always encourage facility mangers, adjusters, agents, property owners and all our customers to stop by and visit our facility.

Before you commit to a restoration company you should know the equipment they truthfully have on hand and the cleanliness and condition of the equipment.

How well a company takes care of their property is a good reflection of how they will care for yours!

We look forward to seeing you anytime, the coffee is always on.

Lots of Ugly Trucks

"The Guys in the Ugly Red Trucks"