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Infrared Inspections

Infrared Applications PDF

Do you have the following problems?

  • Ceiling Leaking?
  • Windows leaking?
  • Roof leaking?
  • Can't find that in-floor heating leak?
  • Frozen pipes year after year?

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Thermography provides a safe and fast way to inspect the condition of a facility's electrical, mechanical, and structural integrity. Infrared Testing is one of the most widely recognized forms of non destructive testing (NDT) in use today.

Moisture present in roofs and walls can be detected with a sensitive infrared camera. Infrared roof inspections are performed most effectively after sunset, when the roof gives off its heat energy accumulated during the day. The heat capacity of moisture soaked roof insulation is greater then that of dry insulation. As a result, the moisture soaked roof areas appear when performing and infrared scan.

It's also possible to detect moisture located behind interior walls with our infrared camera. The temperature difference created by the presence of moisture on the inside surface of a wall will appear differently then the surrounding area.

Everything , (all objects) around us in the world with a temperature above absolute zero (-273.15oC) emit some form of radiant thermal energy we see as a temperature pattern with a thermal infrared camera.

Moisture Intrusion Pictures

 What you see    What we see
 What you see    What we see
 What you see    What we see
 What you see    What we see

Infrared Thermography Services

Boiler and Refractory Inspections

Benefits of Boiler and Refractory Inspections

identification of overheated equipment
reducing the risks associated with a catastrophic failure
provides you a predictive maintenance program to avoid unscheduled and costly repairs
saves you time and money!

Roof Inspection

Water Damage Inspection

Mold Spore Abatement

Benefits of a building envelope infrared inspection

  • infrared gives you the accurate location of where moisture is in homes, buildings, and the building materials that will generate mold growth.
  • infrared allows for a quick inspection of an area and is a non-destructive detection method.
  • infrared is competitively priced and an advanced technology application for detecting the presence of mold.
  • infrared gives you the visual documentation of images that will reveal molds potential threat to property and peoples health infrared verifies completed mold remediation projects.