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Residential Water Remediation

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Case Study: Remuda Drive
Residential Property Loss:

Specialized Cleaning & Restoration Inc. SAVES: over $25,000

This residential home lost heat during an extremely cold weather stretch and in result had over twenty broken pipes.   The carpet and pad throughout the entire house was extreme extracted and saved.   The carpet and pad were both dry in less than 36 hours.

Using Dryvection™ technology (use outside air, rather than recycled air, to dry flooded buildings and their contents) Specialized was able to fully dry the structure in 4 days.  Building materials were saved rather than destroyed and contents were dried in place.

This infrared picture is the ceiling directly under the kitchen.  We were able to totally dry down the racetrack ceiling, sub floor and walls without any demolition or removing the kitchen cabinets.  This saved the homeowner considerable time and the insurance company thousands of dollars.

Points of interest from this residential job include:

Race track ceilings were located in the basement outer edge of the ceilings. This race track ceiling was approximately 2” thick.  With the science of the specialty drying, the entire ceiling was dried in four days needing only minimal patching and repairs.

What You See What We See

With Dryvection™ technology and specialty drying, Specialized was able to save the homeowner and insurance company a large amount of time and money.  Whenever materials are savable it helps everyone from a green standpoint helping our environment by not filling the landfills.