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C.A.T. Team

During a catastrophic event Specialized Cleaning & Restoration Inc has a team that is specially trained in mitigating large scale disasters. We have the staff that can handle damages from tornados, floods, fires or other emergencies. Our CAT Team is activated to travel throughout the upper Midwest and can be responsive to all types of events.

The team includes members that have dealt with large scale water damage projects, fire projects, tornado projects and environmental projects.

CAT Loss #CAT-12844
Specialized was on location 15 minutes after the initial phone call to assess the damage. After the assessment, Specialized CAT team was on location and started the water extraction process only 45 minutes after the initial call.

Specialized Cleaning & Restoration Inc. SAVES: $35,000 to $50,000

This education building flooded due to an uncapped 8” water main that ran for about an hour and half, flooding 20,500sf of the building.  Water was an average of 1” deep throughout the first floor of the building.  Walls has moisture wicked up 4” to 16” inches high.  The structure had ten foot ceilings (205,000 cubic feet) and was completely finished and furnished.
The effected building materials included:

  • Flooring: Cement, glued down carpet, ceramic tile
  • Walls: Drywall
  • Build In Cabinetry

Using Dryvection™ technology (use outside air, rather than recycled air, to dry flooded buildings and their contents), Specialized was able to fully dry the structure in 4 days. Building materials were saved rather than destroyed and contents were dried in place.

A facility manager at another location said, “It is good to know this equipment is so close, because I don’t have the luxury of moving students and I would need a quick response and quick dry down.”

“We were able to save the school thousands of square feet of drywall and more than $20,000 in repairs”.

Drying Benefits
    Cost - $35,000 vs. $60,000                           
    Time - Reduced by 50%