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Water Removal – Commercial Buildings

Flooded buildings and water damaged structures are our specialty!  “The Guys in the Ugly Red Trucks” handle water damages of all sizes, from one office to an entire flooded building. One of our top priorities is to save your business time and money with quick and efficient drying.  To ensure that is possible, we invest in only the best equipment and training. We work with all insurance companies directly to help make the project easier on you. 

Commercial Water Damage #CW-38512

Specialized Cleaning & Restoration Inc saved this owner $75,000 - $100,000!   

Hazardous materials were dried in place without being disturbed.

During a cold winter day several pipes broke and flooded this entire building. The affected area of the building including both floors was approximately 140,000 cubic feet. Utilizing the Dryvex High Energy Drying System the building was dried down in 4 days. 

Using FLIR Infrared Technology SCR Inc was able to capture surface temperatures of the structure to ensure proper dry down.  The first picture was taken on 01/22/08 with a surface temp of 65.3 F.  Within 24 hours from the start of the drying process, on 01/23/08 the same spot on the plaster ceiling had risen by 11.2 F to reach 76.5 F. 

The Dryvex High Energy Drying System is what allowed the structure to rapidly heat up. This same progress in that 24 hour time frame would have been nearly impossible with traditional dehumidifiers. 

Affected materials were asbestos tile and insulation, sheetrock and plaster walls, and carpet. All materials were dried in place. Taking the approach to “Dry in Place” rather than the old school method of rip and tear, SCR Inc saved the customer thousands of dollars.

Asbestos removal and loss of business use could have been in excess of $100,000. 

Going GREEN is more than just a saying; to us it is an action! To find out more about carpet in landfills click here.