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Commercial Water Damage #CW-36998

Family Restaurant

A sprinkler head broke and flooded 15,000 sf of this family restaurant.
This building presented some challenges due to wall and floor types along with some preexisting conditions.

Affected areas were tin covered walls with sheetrock behind and the flooring was ceramic tile, carpet & hardwood.
Entire area was dried in place using the Dryvex High Energy Drying System.

SCR Inc used “Ghost Drying” to help this family restaurant stay in business during the dry down process.  All water was immediately extracted and drying equipment was used to dry all the carpet and flooring.  Flooring was dry in less than 24 hours and the restaurant was open for business the next day.  When the restaurant would close at night, SCR Inc would set up all drying equipment to work during the night.  Then in the morning before the restaurant would open, SCR Inc would remove all noticeable drying equipment.  The customers never knew a major water loss had occurred and the restaurant only lost 1 days of business!

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