Coronavirus (Covid-19) Cleanup

We are a professionally trained and certified team that can assist homes and businesses with Coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. We use only EPA approved commercial cleaning products confirmed to kill the Human Coronavirus, and our infection control process adheres to strict regulatory guidelines and specifications. We provide three levels of decontamination that involves cleaning and sanitizing both air and surfaces.


Specialized Cleaning and Restoration Inc. (SCR) will inspect and scope the property for cleaning to a desired outcome. We will provide a written scope, schedule, and estimate upon request. Currently, SCR is categorizing infection decontamination projects into the following tiers:

Category 1: Proactive cleaning
No confirmed cases. Precautionary cleaning.

Category 2: Unknown Contamination
No confirmed cases. Suspicion of infected person.

Category 3: Confirmed Contamination
Confirmed infected occupant of space

Decontamination Process

SCR uses all EPA approved chemicals engineered to combat viruses and bacteria. Before application SCR will contain the areas in question.

Negative air may be established to assist in air exchanges to create a healthier environment.


SCR is a trained and certified restoration company with experience cleaning occupied spaces and structures. Given the current state and unknown variables of viruses and specifically COVID-19, SCR will mitigate spaces only and makes no claims for sterile environments or preventing any persons from acquiring Coronavirus, COVID-19 or any other illness.

Disaster Emergency Plan

Be better prepared! Schedule an appointment now to learn about our Priority Disaster ERP program.


Contact our office for current pricing schedule. Pricing may be by the square foot, cubic foot, or considered “time and material” based on the needs of client.

*Specialized Cleaning and Restoration Inc’s cleaning process was developed based on the best information available provided by organizations like the Center for Disease Control, Environmental Protection Agency, OSHA and specific restoration industry certification bodies. Our goal is to provide the most thorough cleaning of any indoor environment not specific to COVID-19 or any other microorganism. We cannot guarantee and make no promises to affect the indoor environment to have an impact (positive or negative) to one’s health before or after cleaning.
EPA-Approved Human Coronavirus Disinfectant

Fiberlock Shockwave

Fiberlock Shockwave