Give 'N Grill

Give 'N Grill

Specialized Cleaning & Restoration Inc is a believer in giving back and helping those in our communities! We agree with the saying, “If you offer good food, people with come”! In 2011 SCR Inc. had a custom trailer made with a grill, Southern Pride smoker and all the extras to allow us to give back. SCR Inc cleverly named the trailer the “Give N Grill” and it has been used numerous times throughout the area for community events!

The summer of 2011 SCR Inc started the Give N Grill free luncheons. They are the last Wednesday of every month (June-August) and everyone is invited!

Lunch is free with a good will donation being accepted for the highlighted local nonprofit charity for that month. SCR Inc does not take out any of the donations for costs of food, supplies, etc. The nonprofit gets 100% of all donations received.

Give ‘n Grill Luncheons Scheduled June, July & August – Summer of 2017


Specialized Cleaning Charity Events

Central Dakota Humane Society -(May 2011)
Sandbag Central @ Fairgrounds- (May 2011)
On site for 12 days & the busiest day served over 1000 brats’ & burgers
Sandbag Throw-Down @ Northern Plains Commerce Centre- (May 2011)
American Red Cross-West Dakota Chapter Annual Mtg.- (2011, 2012)
Abused Adult Resource Center- (June 2011)
Dollars for Scholars Fundraiser- Lewis & Clark Riverboat Days- Washburn, ND (June 2011 -2012)
PATH Foster Care- (July 2011)
Make A Wish Foundation- (August 2011)
Bob Kuntz Memorial Scholarship -BSC – (September 2011)
Cross Training Basketball Camp- (July 2012)
Ronald McDonald House- (May 2012)
March of Dimes of ND- (June 2012)
Big Brother/ Big Sister Program- (July 2012)
Sporting Chance- (August 2012)
United Way- (Sept. 2012- Sept. 2014- Aug 2016)
Red Hot Fire Days-Lamoure, ND -Fire Dept. Fundraiser (July 2012- 2014- 2015- 2016)
American Red Cross-Houston Engineering Golf Tournament (Sept. 2011- July 2012)
American Red Cross-(July 2013- June 2014- Aug. 2015- June 2016- July 2017)
Relay for Life-Bismarck Optimist Club- (August 2012-June 2013 -2014 -2015)
Shriners Fly in Breakfast-Fund Raising Event (September 2015- 2016- 2017)
Special Olympics- (August 2013)
Young Life- (June 2013)
Eye Bank of ND- (July 2014)
One More One Less Foster Care- (August 2014)
Triple H Horse Rescue- (June 2015)
Pink It Forward- (July 2015)
Northwest GF -Annual Mtg. Eureka, SD- (July 2015)
National Guard- WWII Benefit- (Oct. 2015)
Troy Hanson Scholarship Fund-BSC- (May 2016)
St. Anne’s School -Fund Raising Event- (June 2016)
Cathedral of the Holy Spirit -Fund Raising Event- (June 2016 – June 2017)
Tracey’s Sanctuary House- (July 2016)
Western Plumbing & Steel – Customer Appreciation – (July 2016)
Faith Formation- (September 2016)